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Release 2.0 of noise3D is not available for download any longer. Please chose Release 3.0, it is available here: Release 3.0

noise3D online™ an innovative web based noise simulation and prediction software. A solution for architects, industrial planners and environmental experts working on noise measures. Please have a look at our free trial version. Thereafter, when you calculate you will pay a fee, no further obligations, no termination needs.

Why noise3D online?    … easy to use, yet complete and comprehensive

Noise abatement is a key issue and effective measures are expensive. noise3D online will help you become successful. With its fast processing engine you will iterate calculations. This will reduce expenditures and cost. As a service you will avoid investment and have flexibility. Noise3D online is fast, accurate, effective and practical. The tool for noise control engineering.

Architects and planners concerned with noise control issues will avoid high consultants cost and address calculation and mapping needs with noise3D online themselves – as many calculations as you wish, not just two or three shots by the experts.

What you should know about noise3D online™ – the noise calculation software

  • Very user friendly, easy to operate
  • Built to estimate or predict environmental noise for planning, engineering or control of industrial facilities
  • Sound pressure levels calculated according to ISO 9613
  • considers multitude of acoustic elements including ground effects, obstacles, reflection, insulation
  • calculates accurate results and creates compelling noise maps
  • facilitates sound power level simulation
  • Google Earth™ Pro as basis for plan
  • Also Free Noise Calc Toolbox
results presented in a 3D noise map of noise calculation software
Results presented in a 3D noise map

noise calculation softwareBenefits

acknowledged calculations method according to ISO 9613-2
robust and proven calculation module of Kramer-Schalltechnik
quality graphical 3D input
accurate results in table format
compelling 3D noise maps
immediate results

noise calculation softwareApplicability

no installation of software
access from any location
for  Windows® and  Mac OS®
presentation on tablets
detailed user instructions, manuals and use cases
low-priced solution, no further obligations, no termination clauses

More Details about noise3D online™

Calculation of sound propagation outdoor with noise3D online™ is straight forward. Define the geometry of buildings and obstacles and the position of the noise source and immission points in a 3D model in the Trimble Navigation SketchUp und noise3D online für Lärmberechnung application. SketchUp® is convenient for input of geometry data and review of the quality of the 3D model, a SketchUp® license will be required. Then record the noise data using friendly input masks. The DIN ISO 9613-2 calculation provides results within seconds or minutes on our servers, both, tabular results and colored noise maps are generated. The cloud allows you to present, print or onward process the results from any location, e.g. at a different office or even in a customer meeting. With the noise3D online™ solution this is done by just a few clicks.

With the update 2.0.2 of our plugins you can transform existing SketchUp® models in noise3D online into a comprehensive noise model using the funktion “building envelope”. Especially architects will apprechiate this very efficient linkage of the architecture plan with a capability for noise assessment. The tool for noise control engineering.

Customer Information

Release 3.0 is now available through a brand new web site

Release 2.0.2 of the noise calculation software is the latest production version. After registration at customer area you will be able to download the plugin. For installation details please read the how it works section and for a step-by-step instruction to build an acoustic model see our manual.

In case you would like to take the advantages of our latest release 2.1 which includes comprehensive terrain modelling capabilities (just completing beta testing) please send a request to

You will buy the calculation service for €59/month (excl. VAT tax), and only in those months when you need it. No automatic subscriptions, no termination or any other service fees. Details

Ergebnisse aus der Lärmberechnungssoftware in einer 3D Lärmkarte dargestellt

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